Communion & Confirmation

My Communion and Confirmation packages generally follow the lines of a family portrait, with the boy or girl whose day it is, taking centre stage.

I will attend your home, bringing with me a portable studio set-up that I will put to use. For more information on the Portable Studio, click HERE.




As a general rule of thumb, I will take up approximately an hour of your day. During this time, I will photograph the Communion/Confirmation boy/girl in a variety of poses, and will also ensure to photograph other combinations of people, too (family members or any extended family or guests who may be appearing, also). Due to the variances in the amount of people who will be in your home during the photography session, I can’t give an exact number of photographs that you will be supplied with afterwards (it averages between 10-20, but this can be much higher or lower depending on how the session goes, a minimum of 10 would be expected).

Your photographs will be supplied to you after the session (usually within 48 hours). A basic package I offer is to supply the photographs by email after the session, in a file size suitable for all standard printing. Most customers find this useful as they can print at any retail store they wish, but also have the digital file to use to email relatives, or place online (Facebook, etc.). The cost of this is €100.

I can also attend any venue or location of your choice and supply the same package (ie; if you plan to have a meal in a venue, or you would prefer outdoor photographs).