Portable Studio

A large portion of my portraiture revolves around a studio set up in my customer’s homes. Some people aren’t fully sure what to expect when they see my advertisements or hear me mention a “studio set up”, so I’ve decided the best thing to do is create a page on my site, dedicated to explaining exactly how this works, what’s involved and to show off the results that I can achieve with this rather portable set up.


Here are a few sample photographs to give an idea of what can be achieved with the portrable studio set up. Upon booking a portraiture session, you will be emailed a choice of backdrops that you can choose from.




Notable Information

  • Studio set up takes approximately 15 minutes to set up completely, and also about the same to take down.
  • I find that with this set up, I can comfortably fit 5-6 people in a group photo. Larger groups will be a bit of a squeeze (unless they consist primarily of children). I have photographed up to 13 people (adults) in one group photo using this set-up, and the photo worked, but it was a bit of a tight squeeze for those involved.
  • You will have a choice of backdrops, which you can choose from, before the session. These are white, black, blue and peach, as can be seen in the sample photographs above.
  • I use portable flash lighting, which is operated by battery power. I am not bound by plug sockets or other such outlets.
  • Approximately a 7 foot by 7 foot area of space is required for set up. Although this may sound like a lot, it is often easily achieved by simply moving a table or such to one side, or out, of the room. I have yet to find a home or business space that I can’t set up in.